Guess Who Stayed?

It is not true that all of his disciples abandon him.  St. John is the fourth evangelist to tell us that the women stay, and, one of them is the mother of Jesus.

Do not think that the women stay because they have nothing to lose or they are safer than their brother disciples.  Women and children are not above crucifixion in Roman days.  In fact, Roman soldiers crucify whole families for insurrection.[1]

So why do the women stay with Jesus till the final excruciating end?  Well, we know why his mother remains.  The others?  I think it is because of the healings of their infirmities and their release from evil spirits.  Because of this many of the female disciples, according to St. Luke, provide for Jesus and the Twelve out of their resources.

One of them, of course, is St. Mary of Magdala.  She remains faithful at the cross and she remains a loyal disciple at the tomb.  Because of her great love, the Risen Lord commissions Mary to be the apostle to the apostles and announce the joyous news of the Resurrection.

While we join our own sufferings to the sufferings of Christ on this day, we also remember the witness of many named and unnamed female disciples who remain loyal to the Lord.  Hopefully, then, their witness spurs us on to remain with Christ especially as we slow down and grow older.

For a few moments now in silence, may this be our prayer on Good Friday.



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