How Sad

Matthew 20:17-34

Jesus predicts his passion for the third time.  Then the mother of James and John wants her sons at both sides of the Lord in his kingdom.  The ten start fighting over position in the kingdom.  Jesus calls them to be servants.

Doing lectio on the Gospel for today, I began comparing Matthew, Mark and Luke’s version of this same text.  Mark’s version has James and John vying for position.  Matthew places their mother in the text as the requesting parent.  Luke exes them all out and places the apostles fighting for position at the Last Supper.

Then I realized something.  In my prayer I found myself in the middle of the group also jealous and angry that the mother of James and John wanted positions for her sons.  I started fighting too.  How sad because just before this scene Jesus told us that he was going to be crucified and we didn’t even care.  How sad.

Georgia O'Keefe Black Cross


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