We’ve All Called Someone “Raqa.”

My mother taught me that “sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me.”  But she never told me that this was a lie.  Names do hurt and they hurt badly sometimes.

We’ve all told someone RAQA, which means, “Imbecile” or, “Jerk,” or, “Fool!”  We have all told someone RAQA with disdain.

According to Jesus, murder begins with name calling.  Then it continues with anger and culminates with death.

Now, we may not pull the proverbial trigger, but we kill the person in our hearts over and over again.  Jesus would question two things:  should we be at worship if there is a broken relationship, and, should Christians be dragging other Christians to court?

St. Augustine says how can I speak a prophecy and a doctrine; how can I pray a prayer; how can I sing a hymn or a song knowing that someone has something against me?

So, today, should I bring my gift to the altar, or, should I go and bring my peace to a brother or sister?



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