Do We Think We Can Outsmart God?

God’s Word is so powerful that it never returns to God unfulfilled.

Early Christians liked St. Matthew’s ‘Lord’s Prayer’ so much that they included it in the liturgy before communion.  In that prayer there is one word that rises above the rest…that word is forgive.  It means to drop the debt.

Somewhere, in some desk drawer of our lives, we still possess an I.O.U. with someone’s name written on it.  Every once in a while, we take out that debt owed us and we allow those ugly anger feelings to wash over us.  Then we put it away until an opportune moment comes along to cash in on it.

Think how unfair this is though!  We stand in prayer everyday asking God to forgive us our debts but we refuse to forgive another disciple?  Is this how we want to be remembered when we die?

According to an early church writer, “do we think we can outsmart God?” No wonder our prayers do not get answered…they have a difficult time returning to God because of our stubbornness to forgive.

Lent can change all that!

Magenta Purple Vestment


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