Get In the Right Line!

Feed-give-clothe-shelter-visit-bury: these are the corporal works of mercy.  They lead us to holiness.  St. Matthew says they unlock the door to heaven. St. Benedict says they lead us to Christ.

Americans like to say that we have the best country in the world.  Do all Americans agree?  In the developed countries, we have the highest child poverty rate- one out of every three children go to bed hungry.   In the developed world, we have the highest number of adults in our overcrowded prisons.

So, we prefer the spiritual works of mercy:  I’ll pray for you.  This way I don’t have to smell you or spend money on you because you belong to that “forty-seven percent” who always want something for nothing.

When it comes to separating the just from the unjust, Jesus says that he will divide the sheep from the goats.  I hope I get in the right line because I’m nothing more than dust, and to dust I will return.

Magenta Purple Vestment


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