Arise from Doing Deadly Things

Jesus contemplated ‘one who pays to the government a certain sum for the privilege of collecting the taxes and customs of a district but consequently is the object of bitter hatred among the Jews’ named Levi sitting at his tax house.  He said to him, “Come and be my disciple.”  And abandoning the office and people there, he arose as if from death and became his disciple. (Luke 5:25-27, my translation).

Literally, St. Luke tells us that Jesus calls Levi from death to life.  Levi does more than get up from the table at his tax house.  He “gets up from doing deadly things.”

No wonder Levi throws a party for Jesus.  He knows that he is just dust and to dust he would return.  So he follows another master and he wants all his friends to meet the Great Physician at the banquet at his house.

Lent wants us to get up from death so that we can join Christ at the banquet.  But when we invite Jesus into our hearts, what kind of friends will he meet there?

Lenten purple


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