So Sad

What is it like to be a “Gadarene?”

Jesus comes to the territory of the Gadarenes, those Gentiles “beyond the area normally embraced by Israel.”

Well, for one thing, the Gadarenes become accustomed to the two demons who are so savage no one travels on that road by the tombs.  But Jesus does.  And he expels the demons.  One would think that the Gadarenes would be eternally grateful.  Instead, they tell Jesus to go away.  They like their swine.  They put up with the demons.  Why did Jesus have to go and destroy the life they love?

According to Bishop Sklba, begging Jesus to leave the town in Mt. 8:34 is the “saddest” sentence in the New Testament.



2 responses

  1. ‘They like their swine.’ I may use that someday. 🙂 But you do raise an interesting question – what were they so afraid of? Christ’s power over the demons? Could they have thought that Christ was a ‘demon master’ and in league with them ? Or were they afraid that He might cast demons out of *them*? I wonder how they would have said ‘buzzkill’. And what ‘swine’ are we afraid of losing? Anyway, thanks for provoking the thoughts, Father.

    • Thank you…sometimes I get it and sometimes I don’t…I think the Gospel is about the fear of facing our demons and not wanting a new life…a.k.a. Conversion and Acceptance of conversion.

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