Takes Away that Hunger for Stoning

Sticks and stone may break my bones but names will never hurt me.  But names do hurt, and so do stones.

Why do we throw them?  And why do we throw them when the truth hurts?

We better be careful because if we live by the stone we will die by the stone.  And if we have that much time to stone one another our faith life is dead.

This Easter we reach for the Bread of God.  An Eucharistic life is the only thing that can fill us and take away our hunger for stoning.



One response

  1. I have noticed that when we, or others are busy throwing stones, we close our hearts and minds to the damage we cause, not only to the victim but also to the onlookers who judge Jesus by the actions of those who say they follow Him. We then repel instead of attracting people to God. It always seems easy to read things like this, but very difficult to live the right way.

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