Beware of Hypocrisy!

Always on the Monday before Holy Week, we hear about the condemnation of women in the lives of Susanna and the adulterous woman.  But we also hear about how real men of faith should act in the lives of the prophet Daniel and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Speaking about the woman caught in adultery, the Venerable Bede says that the very same finger that wrote the Ten Commandments on stone  now writes on the ground to demonstrate our hypocrisy.

St. Bede says before we rebuke a neighbor, we should subject ourselves to a humble examination or we will find ourselves entangled in a net of censure.  For it often comes about…that people who publically judge a murderer to be a sinner may not perceive the worse evil of the hatred with which they themselves despoil someone in secret.  People who bring an accusation against a fornicator may ignore the plague of the pride with which they congratulate themselves for their own chastity.  People who condemn a drunkard may not see the venom of envy with which they themselves are eaten away.

Lent is summed up in this way:  if we continue to live without granting mercy, God will write our own sins in the ground for all to see.  There is always time to repent and believe in the Gospel.

Lenten purple


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