No Casuistry, Please!

“Do not practice casuistry on them,” so says Pope Francis in his homily this morning.  Casuistry is the practice of using ethics or religious doctrine to solve a problem.  His Holiness tells us not to do this to failed marriages.  He says,  “…when this love fails – because many times it fails – we have to feel the pain of the failure, [we must] accompany those people who have had this failure in their love. Do not condemn. Walk with them – and don’t practice casuistry on their situation.”

Wow- another fresh pastoral approach to life’s difficulties.  Read it yourself:



6 responses

  1. Thank you for the example, Father, but is the error or “evil” inherent in the Canon law itself, or in the quoting of it or both. Or, is it all relative because one could reason that quoting canon law to an “old divorced” couple is no longer casuistry? 🙂

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