Time to Grow Down!

First of all, if I have to ask about who is the greatest in the kingdom of God, then, I am not a humble person.

Humility according to Jesus is possessing a modest opinion of one’s self.

As a model of humility, Jesus holds up a child, the lowest on the rung of the social ladder in the first century.  In the words of Bishop Sklba, we should reflect on what a child models for us:  “dependence, curiosity, openness to learning, desire to assist, lack of self-importance and absence of false pretense.”  These “little ones” he says also refers to “recent converts and innocent newcomers to the faith.”

In the words of St. Benedict, I should not aspire to be called holy before I really am holy.  If I still want to be great in God’s eyes then I have some growing down to do today!






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