More and Fisher

Four years ago while in London with my parents, I had the august privilege to tour the Tower of London prison cells of St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More.  Fisher’s cell once held then Princess Elizabeth.  It was bright, airy and clean on the second level.  Directly below was More’s cell, dark and dingy just above sidewalk level.  When I asked the Beefeater about the condition of the cell, he remarked, “Remember in 1534 and 1535, the moat was backed up.  Thomas More was placed here so that they could break him.”

Jesus tells us that we cannot serve two masters.  Whether we struggle with persons or things, Christ knows our weakness.  What is key is admitting our weakness.  We learn humility through humiliation.  That is when the power of Christ dwells powerfully within us.


The prison cell and  painting of St. John Cardinal Fisher.

Died, June 22, 1535.

100_0065 100_0064

The prison cell of St. Thomas More.

Died, July 6, 1535.


(Left) Looking at the Tower of London from Tower Hill.  (Right) The place of execution on Tower Hill.


Bronze plaque commemorating the two martyrs and others executed on Tower Hill.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I enjoyed looking at it so much. I am a big Tudor buff, and I cannot imagine what St. Thomas and Bishop Fisher went through. God Bless, SR

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