Time Gathers its Moments Secretly

John O’Donohue, the poet, says that “…time gathers its moments secretly….”

I remain fascinated with the choice of Matthias as the apostle to replace Judas.  The community gives the two candidates lots, probably reeds with one reed shorter than the other.  Matthias “wins.”  Is Matthias not as good as Judas when Jesus chooses his Twelve in the beginning of his ministry?

It scares me to think that Jesus chooses Judas to make sure that the crucifixion takes place in history.  Rather, I tend to think that in the first place, Jesus considers Judas a “friend,” a “beloved” just like the other Eleven.  What happens after the call is Judas’ responsibility.

Today we remember that the lot falls upon Matthias. The Twelve are strong again and await the promise of the Holy Spirit.  I doubt we can say that Matthias wins anything.  If anything he inherits a ministry of preaching and persecution and martyrdom.

There is no greater love than to lay down a life for a friend.  I may not shed my blood literally for the Gospel.  But I can lay down my own hopes and dreams so that God grows in thee for “…time gathers its moments secretly….”



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