“Hail, Space for the uncontained God!”  So sings a Greek Akathistos hymn to the Virgin.  “Hail, Space for the uncontained God.”

This line inspires the poet, Denise Levertov, to write a poem she calls, “Annunciation.”   There, she says that “God waited.” God waited for the Virgin to say, “Yes.”  God waited for her to make that choice integral to all humanness before the Holy Spirit overshadowed her.

“Aren’t there annunciations of one sort or another in most lives?” she asks.  All these opportunities of grace whether they are of light or of storm, when the clouds disappear and the bright day dawns what keeps us from that word that could change our lives?  Before us are two examples:  either we test the Almighty like King Ahaz or we listen to the Lord with courage like the Virgin of Nazareth.

May this ancient holy day be one in which we listen to the messenger of God speak to us “Hail, space for the uncontained God,” and follow our Mother into Eternity!



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